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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nails: OPI Tangled in the Tinsel Exclusive Polish Swatches + Review + Dupe!

I totally stumbled onto this find...seriously. For the first time since we moved here, I had to go into a Sephora store to redeem something & there is only one within many many miles. Well...we got there & they were still closed for 2 more hours! While driving around this new area a store called to me called Beauty Brands. I've never heard of it before (ever) & apparently I'm not the only one because I asked you guys on twitter/instagram.

I expected it to be like some of beloved beauty supply stores that are kind of cruddy with great finds but this was simply not the case. Beauty Brands is absolutely lovely inside & also contained a salon. They carried lots of amazing brands including theBalm, Deborah Lippman, & many more!

As I walked around I checked everything out & although they had lots of great things, I ended up with one OPI polish that was on a special display called Tangled in the Tinsel. It was only $4.98! I thought maybe it was their way of getting rid of past stock but no! It is a shade exclusive to Beauty Brands which is why I haven't heard of it!

Tangled in the Tinsel by OPI: A tinted grey base packed with silver & charcoal micro glitters that are very dense with the additional of scattered rainbow small glitters. I used only one coat! No top coat. It doesn't dry glossy but it has a nice shine to it!

I adore this shade & am so sad to remove it today. I've been wearing it for 5 days with only one chip on my right ring finger! I don't cover OPI much anymore but this reminded me why I love them so much. My nails normally chip in day 1-3 so this was lovely! But it is preventing me from swatching more shades for you guys so it has to go! My favorite thing about this polish is that you don't get big hits of the rainbow glitter so it is more wearable. It would flash here & there & I found myself smiling all the first day!

Although I don't have anything like this in my collection, another blogger did! According to The Daily Varnish, many of the Beauty Brands exclusive shades are recycled shades & this one (again I can't confirm because I don't own the other one) is from the Nicole by OPI collection & is called Follow Me on Glitter. I couldn't really see the comparison that well in her photo so I headed over to the lovely PolishAholic's blog who always catches the light juuust right! The one difference I do notice is that she had to use 3 coats while I only needed one!
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