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Monday, December 17, 2012

P&G Art of Shaving Deals & Steals!

Good morning! Today I have a collection of deals from Art of Shaving to share with you! When it comes to shopping for men I pretty much lose it. I feel like there is always one more makeup product, nail polish, purses, pair of heels...oh you get it? There's always one more thing that someone can gift me. Why is this? Because I am not a man. 

Seriously, my dad & husband just buy what they want when they want it. Video game? Bought it. Clothes? They either think they don't need more or they've bought what they want. Food? Okay you can buy them food but I feed my husband nightly so that isn't special. The trick to holiday shopping for someone like this is to buy them something outside the box. Although they might not think to buy themselves a nice shaving set, they'll definitely like it!

I recommend a full size shaving kit for a nice gift! The Art of Shaving have many to choose from including options in the scents lemon, lavender, sandalwood, & the oh-so-giftable unscented. Unscented is just the easiest to go with for me...I'm so picky abotu scents that I assume everyone else is too!

 Free Ground shipping and $15 off your purchase of any The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit, until 12/30/12 with Promo Code: 15offFSK at checkout

This Kit Comes with:
The 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave® combine The Art of Shaving's high quality products, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving technique to provide optimal shaving results while helping against ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks & cuts. The Full Size Kit offers Pre-Shave Oil (2 fl. oz), Shaving Cream (5.0 oz), After-Shave Balm (4 fl. oz), and a Pure Badger Black Shaving Brush.

I love that there is no guess with this kit, you have everything you could possibly need for the perfect shave! This kit looks nice but not too frilly or fussy. My husband never takes that kind of stuff seriously.

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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