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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prestiche Body Products Review...You'll Love Them!

So I was recently given the opportunity to try out some body products from a brand that is new to me called Prestiche. I was excited as it seems much like LUSH...another shop I adore! They actually have more products from Prestiche that are right up my alley though & some great scents I was dying to check out! I went ahead & grabbed 5 different products in 5 different scents! I also have an awesome discount code so check that out below!

So when I opened the box full of goodies, my house instantly smelled good. So good. In fact, as I started opening containers, the scents wafted up the stairs to my husband! He came downstairs & asked what the wonderful smell was! Now THAT is impressive right? I mean, he certainly doesn't ask about many of my beauty items! On top of that, Prestiche is natural & the scents are some of  the most intoxicating I've ever had the pleasure to try!

Prestiche Wonder Polish in Green Apple: This was hubby's favorite so I figured I would talk about it first! This is probably my favorite green apple scented item I've ever had...incredible! The ultra fine sea salt makes the perfect body polisher & the scent...oh my gosh! This apple scent is intoxicating: tart but sweet & fills your whole bathroom! Excellent exfoliator for my skin & you don't have to use too much!

Prestiche Creme de la Creme in Jasmine: If you are a long time follower than you won't be surprised to see one of the fragrances I chose as being Jasmine. I have an addiction. The texture of this lotion is divine & feels like whipped silk. The scent stays & stays while moisturizing without feeling greasy!

Prestiche Mineral Treat in Rose: If you follow me on YouTube, you would have seen these in my monthly favorites! I was only breaking into these new products & fell head over heels! These dead sea salts are mixed with the most intoxicating rose oil & totally enveloped my bathroom in scent. There have been a lot of rose scents I didn't care for but this smells just like real roses but amplified. Awesome!

Prestiche Butter Brulee in Passionfruit: This definitely has a texture all its own! At first, I was really confused... It feels hard in the container & I scraped it out with my finger. It smells wonderfully tropical & I can detect a touch of pineapple in this Passionfruit scent. As I was reading the back of the container I noticed something strange about the almost started melting? Indeed. The warmth from my hands melted this down into the softest of textures, almost a mix of dense butter & oil. It felt heavenly & you don't need a lot. Melts right into your skin & smells incredible! My skin was left incredibly smooth & it melts in to keep it that way!

Prestiche Soap Bar in G√Ęteau au Chocolat: This smells heavenly...Ryan actually thought they sent me chocolates! This soap bar has a line of vanilla through it which gives it a lovely marble effect. It almost smells like a vanilla pound cake mixed with fudge...I could have easily wrapped this in foil & hubby would have tried to eat it! This is packed with shea butter & essential oils which leaves your body feeling super moisturized.

Here are some shots so you can see what the granules look like & the textures! On the left is the Butter Brulee so after about a minute & you can see it has started to melt down into the skin!

Left to right: Prestiche products in Passionfruit Butter Brulee, Jasmine Creme de la Creme, Green Apple Wonder Polish, & Rose Mineral Treat! 

I am totally in love & these scents last & last. In love! Prestiche was kind enough to pass along a MEGA discount code too! If you enter stephL60 you'll receive a whopping 60% OFF YOUR ORDER! Wowie! I'm not making any money off this or anything, just a nice bonus they passed along for you guys! I think these would be perfect for the gifting season & year round, I'm totally addicted! Check out their many natural products & variety of scents at!

**Although these products were provided in hopes of review, all opinions are 100% my own!
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