Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: Softlips Holiday Lip Conditioner Duo Packs Review!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Softlips Holiday Lip Conditioner Duo Packs Review!

I had been getting some questions about if I was reviewing these & now I have them for you guys! I'm super excited about these because they are just the best stocking stuffers ever! These would be great as a name tag on a gift too! Perfect & really nice looking! I adore the Softlips brand in general but holiday scented lippies have a special place in my heart.
From sugar cookies to peppermint to sugar plum...tis the season for Softlips! These all have an awesome & appreciated SPF 20 except the bonus Pearl which is SPF 15. You can snag these adorable packs for under $5 & give them to pretty much anyone!

The duo packs are available in the following varieties:

Softlips Vanilla with bonus Sugar & Spice: I adore the classic vanilla scent & Sugar & Spice is definitely different from any other balm I've ever tried! This definitely smells like a mix of holiday spices baking in something fabulous! I highly recommend it if you're into holiday scents! This is one of the duos that comes with the handy Holiday Gift Tag option.

Softlips Raspberry with bonus Sugar Cookie: This is another one of the Holiday Gift Tag Pack. The raspberry smells like a tart raspberry green tea & the sugar cookie smells like... sugar cookies of course! I'm pretty obsessed with the sugar cookie scent!

Softlips Raspberry with bonus Sugar Plum Berry: This is probably one of my favorite duos! I scoop up as many plum themed items as I can & this is a welcomed addition! LOVE THEM! This is one of the Holiday Gift Tag Pack too. The raspberry smells like a tart raspberry green tea & the plum is a nice mellow with a dark note of berry.

Softlips Vanilla with bonus Winter Mint: I adore the classic combo of the vanilla & winter mint! This is one of the Holiday Gift Tag Packs. I love the vanilla, perfect for year round, the winter mint smells great & slightly sweet.

Softlips Peppermint Stick with bonus Pearl Tinted Lip Conditioner: This is their classic candy cane flavor & comes in a cute striped tube. You can find it at select target stores in the checkout lane. Love this festive limited edition find! This comes paired with the only tinted balm which is a super light pink named Pearl. Lovely!

Softlips Jack Frosting Duo Pack: I was SUPER excited to try this duo since this was the fan pick! The Softlips Facebook fans actually selected it & you can find this in the cough & cold aisle at Target stores nationwide. This smells just like buttercream frosting....obsessed! I see why the fans picked it!

So there you have it! Lots to choose from right? I think Softlips did a great job, definitely something for everyone! What scents/flavors appeal to you most/ Are you digging the cute git tag packaging?

**Products provided in hopes of review. All opinions are my own.
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