Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: April 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Mani of the Day: China Glaze Ray-Diant Swatches

I will start out with, how gorgeous is this collection? I picked up 2 polishes & honestly could have snagged them all. They only had 3 left when I ran into Sally's though! These Prismatics got snapped up fast.
 Pointer has one coat, middle 2 coats, ring finger 3 coats, & pinkie 4. This is before I chopped my nails, clearly. They needed it!
China Glaze Ray-Diant: A clear base packed with yellow-toned green sheen mini glitters & with green, orange, blue, and pink small to medium hexagon glitters. Has a slight antique gold feel to it.

I love this shade, it is SO different from everything else I've ever found. As always, this glitter is annoying to remove, but applies like an absolute dream. The sheen is extremely gorgeous in person  I got a few questions about what I was wearing. Just to note, I never get questions here in Nebraska ;)

Stay tuned for the other shade I got! Have you picked any of these up?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Glamazon Spring 2012 Collab: Coral Eyeshadow for Daytime

Are you as obsessed as I am with all the corals this season? I have always been a coral fan (makeup artists say it pops on me!) but I'm glad to have so many more choices. I have scarves, shoes, sunglasses, clothes, & tons of makeup. What was I lacking? The perfect coral eyeshadow.

I find so often that these are either hard to wear or too orange for what I'm looking for. I found it when I wasn't looking of course! The star of this look is an Essence eyeshadow for only $1.99 I picked up at ULTA.  This look only requires 2 shades which makes it very easy to recreate yourself.
Natural light.
Looks a bit more orange with flash.
My goal was to make it wearable while still being fun. What do you think? Is this a daytime look you would rock? This was an AWFUL skin day for me but hopefully it doesn't distract you too much!

What I'm Wearing:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Essence single eyeshadow in Shrimp Me Up which looks SO pink online but it is much more coral/peach.
- Everyday Minerals eyeshadow in Sea Horse is used all over the lid as the base color, in the inner corners lightly, & as the highlight shade.
- Physician's Formula Shimmer Liner pencil in Black for Blue Eyes
- LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara in Black (both sides)

-Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Red Delicious.

- Revlon Photo Ready Foundation + a bit of Revlon ColorStay mixed together
- Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
- MAC blush in Bite of an Apple. Blush was applied very lightly!
-ELF All Over Color Stick in Spotlight applied atop cheekbones & blended out.

Earrings are from Forever 21, necklace is vintage, & my top is from Banana Republic.

A few of us in the Glamazon group participated in creating a spring entry, I'll be sure to post links to the other posts as soon as I have them all!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup – Week of April 27, 2012

Enjoy! I hope by exposing you guys to new blogs you have more fun stuff to read & get some great ideas! Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ulta Bargain: TARTE Amazonian Blush & Bronze on the Go + Review

I usually spring for full size items. I think "What the heck, that mini is a third of the size at half the price!" & often this is true. But I have been dying to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay products but I have a pretty extensive blugh & bronzer collection so I was timid. I picked this up a few weeks ago from Ulta for only $15 & I think it worked out great for me. If you are a person who often doesn't finish a blush or bronzer, I think this would also be great for you! As far as the duo goes, these are each .11 ounces while the full size is .32 ounces. Price breakdowns are below as well as swatches at the end.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CVS Bargains: ESSIE Nail Treatments & Revlon Colorstay Foundation

This is just a quick post because I feel like I'd want someone to tell me to look for these items! The CVS reward program is incredible & they've done it again! First let's talk about the 2 ESSIE clearnace nail treatments I snagged. These were only $4 each! Are they getting rid of them? No idea, but I do know I love ESSIE & they put out amazing nail products. These are the "Grow Stronger" & "Grow Faster" treatments. Has anyone else used these? Thoughts?
Now onto Revlon! So the magic machine popped out a $5 off Revlon Face Product coupon which was great because I needed my favorite mixer foundation. This is my older bottle of Revlon Colorstay & its for normal to dry. I needed a new one in a bit of a darker shade & for normal to oily. So on top of that coupon, they have a spend $10 on Revlon, get $4 extrabucks deal! I spent a grand total of around $2 on this foundation! Woohoo!

Have you been awaiting the clearance deals at CVS? Nouvea Cheap posted about them but it happened to be a mistake. There are clearance tags everywhere....but they just mean that these products are on their way out the door. Get 'em while they're here kind of deal.

What are some bargains you've picked up lately? I love a good deal!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser Review

Nebraska hates my skin. No seriously, it does. This insane combo skin I have going on has been so hard to treat. My cheeks are very dry & sometimes even to the point of flaky. My T-zone is oily & breakout prone. My under-eyes have been getting hit with eczema. Is it any wonder I'm not digging this change? Going through acne cleansers, combo cleanser, & ultra-hydrating cleansers isn't helping either. I mean, there's a war going on between the dry & oily clans on my face. No one is a winner here folks.

What the Freeman website says about this product: This creamy, silky cream cleanser gently rids impurities without stripping the skin of its needed natural oils.  Clears skin without drying it out. Perfect for normal to dry skin.

Directions: dampen face with warm water and massage over skin. Rinse and pat dry.

Key Ingredients:
Kiwi Fruit Extract

Yogurt Extract

Aloe Leaf Juice

Normally I test skincare loner than 2 weeks, but I have to jump on this cleanser. This is the Freeman Kiwi & Yogurt Facial Moisturizing Cleanser & I am becoming rather obsessed. Not only does this come with a drugstore price tag, but it smells like fresh cut kiwis. Not kiwi strawberry drink mix, but the actual scent of kiwis. The yogurt addition is something kind of new to me for a cleanser. I love yogurt masks, but I've never used it as a main ingredient in a face wash before. That was my mistake clearly.

I use this in the morning since all my makeup is off & I just have to face off my night creams & that grime from sleeping. This face face doesn't lather (much like sulfate-free shampoos which are currently all the rage!) which is probably one of the keys to why its so moisturizing. If you'll notice, most moisturizing washes are cream based so that the lather doesn't dry out your skin. It looks like a thin yogurt in the tube but it smooths out pretty clear. I have never used it to remove makeup so I can't judge it on that front.

This leaves my skin with the perfect amount of moisture so that I can treat my oily areas & not worry about my dry ones. The scent is addicting as well as it isn't too strong when I'm in my zombie morning state. The texture is much like a gel which is pretty different for me. I'm not used to something being that smooth on my skin & being a cleanser. This has me definitely rethinking some of my cleanser choices lately! Love it!

You can purchase this from the Freeman website for the bargain price of $3.99!

This product was sent by PR for review consideration. This in no way effects my opinion on the product.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Girls with Pearls Flutter, Sweet Dreams, & Firefly

I'm not sure how I managed to never swatch these! Sinful Colors released the Girls With Pearls Collection in March I believe. These were at my Walgreens for like a split second before they disappeared. I picked up only 3 of the new shades & used Purple Diamond (which was also in the display as a repromote). My black is Sinful Colors Black on Black which is a very glossy black. i didn't use top coat with these however I did use base coat. My nails were having issues back when I swatched these.
Flutter- A sweet blue toned pink with a glistening silver shimmer. Not overwhelming but it is visible up close.

Sweet Dreams- A lightened Caribbean blue with a glistening silver shimmer. Harder to see than in Flutter.

Firefly- A medium yellow with a glistening silver shimmer. Probably the least visible shimmer on the nail.

I picked Purple Diamond since it was on the display but it isn't like the others, clearly. It is much more cheer, shimmery, & even  gives off kind of a metallic sheen. Its not one I wear often at all. i should probably start layering this.

Sinful Colors has been coming out with TON of collections lately, have you guys noticed that? I mean, TONS! I really do like these 3 shades & I will have to check out the 2 or 3 floating around currently. I only find these at Walgreens.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012: My Dream Sample Box + Giveaway! CLOSED

To Enter the Giveaway:
Let me know how you follow this blog (GFC, HelloCotton, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Youtube, etc) & your usernames. Each method is worth 1 entry.
For an additional entry, what brand would be in YOUR dream box of samples?
*Don't forget to leave your e-mail so I can contact you!*

Note: The prize will be identical to the box shown. This is the Masters Egg Cellent Box which can be found on My Dream Sample Box. Other sizes are available as well!
This Giveaway ends Sunday, April 29th, 2012.
As always, please see my disclosure page for full information & rules.

This Masters My Dream Sample Box & prize are being provider by the generous owner of My Dream Sample Box. Big thanks to Holly Miller!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It Factor Quick Blow Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Review

So what would you change about your morning routine?  Well for me its being too busy to blow dry my hair. When I do have the time, it is time consuming. More like a time sucker really. It may be hard to tell, but  have crazy thick hair. I curl & straighten it in layers, one of mine is about the same as most people's whole heads. Its a lot of work! So when someone told me I could cut my blow dry time in HALF, I jumped at the chance to give it a shot.

Being the skeptic I am I was unsure. I mean, I really have a love/hate relationship with the blow dryer after all. Plus if it made it dry faster, would it change my hair texture? Would it make my hair dryer to compensate? That's something I do not need! But like all exciting new things in the beauty world, I'm willing to give it a shot.
 What It Factor says: It FactorTM Quick BlowdryTM shampoos and conditioners are nothing short of a hairstyle revolution: the first and only shampoo and conditioner system combination to reduce drying time by up to 50%.
Available exclusively through professional salons, It FactorTM is safe for all hair types and free of harsh sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol. It FactorTM"s proprietary VaporBoost SystemTM speeds up the natural process of evaporation by reducing the bond between water and the hair shaft. When heat is applied, the water releases from the hair more easily and turns to water vapor more quickly, creating extraordinary hair in a fraction of your normal blow-drying time.

My Take:  When given the option of choosing between their two types, I hit the dilemma I often do. For "Fine Hair" & "Medium to Coarse Hair" always bites me in the bum. My super fine but thick hair is so darn difficult. In the end I got both & have been using the "IT Factor Quick Blowdry Shampoo & Conditioner for Medium to Coarse Hair" & love it. I use a shampoo/conditioner for at least a few weeks before I review it because I don't always notice issues right away. These smell great & the conditioner is SUPER thick, so no moisture issues here! I'm happy to report, this leaves my hair healthy, smooth, & cuts down on my blow dry time! I timed myself 3 days in a row (I should've taken video, I looked a fool)& averaged 14 minutes off my original time. Woohoo!

Is this a type of product that interests you? You can check out more info on the IT Factor website to do the whole salon location dealio. I this becomes more available. The packaging is a gorgeous light pink with a somewhat pea/olive green & gold detailing. Love the look & feel of these bottles. How long does it take you to properly blow dry your hair in the morning?
*Product provided by PR for consideration.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mani of the Day: Zoya Wednesday & Zoya Maisie is Bliss

Zoya Wednesday has become this twisted little obsession. This is from the Zoya Beach Collection for Summer 2012 & ever since I swatched it it has been at the front of my collection. I just like looking at it when I'm wearing something else. I almost feel like we're having an affair. So yesterday when the clouds & rain rolled in, this dusty teal came out to play. I loved the Zoya flakies as well & pulled out Maisie to layer over top to put some spark in a dreary day.

Here is Zoya's Wednesday with of Maisie over top. I got very little done as I had a distraction on my hands. Glorious. No top coats here folks. I used 2 coats of each although I could've just done 1 for Wednesday.
Happy Friday guys! This has been like....a ridiculously long week for me! I'm looking forward to this weekend though! I have a new giveaway for you guys, getting started filming a few collection videos, & the weekend of course! What is everyone up to? XO

*Products in this post were provided for consideration by PR.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

MyGlam Bag April 2012...Underwhelming but Funny.

 If you saw my April Birchbox review/unboxing, then you know I wasn't impressed. Then I opened my MyGlam bag (also $10) & was underwhelmed. Again.

At this point I feel like I'm getting a MyGlam bag just to be let down. For one thing, they don't address customer issues the right way. I feel like they have tried sweeping things under the rug & making big excuses instead of just doing the right thing & straight-up apologizing. Here's what I've been hearing:

"Aren't the brushes nice? She went all the way to another country & hand picked them for you!" 
Eh, they're okay. Still smell a bit funky. I don't see a difference from the two brushes in this bag & my ELF ones. Except that ELF packages them for me so they arrive in good shape.

"What about the eyeliner! Its Urban Decay!"
Yes, I know this! I do love Urban Decay! However, I have this shade & although I love it, wish I had gotten something else. I don't hate this pencil, I just already own it. In a full size.

"Okay, well everyone loves false lashes!"
You know what, I do like false lashes sometimes. Not often do I wear a full set, but I do like them. You know what I don't like? That the only thing I can read in English on this whole package is what I assume to be the brand name & the following phrases:

1. Yellow Haunt. WTF IS THIS?
2. Kevin. Um okay Kevin, what can you tell me about these lashes man?
3. Gamma Ray Sterilization. ...WHAT?
4. Natural Soft Comfort. Natural for who? No, really?
5. We love the Earth. Me too man, internet high five.

"Wow, you guys are hard to please! Here's a FULL SIZE lippie from Dermstore!"
Let's get this straight, I love Dermstore. Really I do. But this lip quench was NOT created for me. It feels like I put silicone directly onto my lips & its wicked thick. The shimmers isn't bad but the smell is. I say it smells like some kind of chemicals. Husband said it smelled like rotten skittles. Either way, not sexy.

Below are the swatches of my Urban Decay pencil in Radium & the Dermstore Lip Quench . You can see the lip quench is super heavy & thick in the middle. I smoothed out the edges so you could tell how thick it is.

So there you go! That's my MyGlam bag summed up in a more entertaining form. What did you think of yours? Am I being a negative nancy? What issues have YOU had with MyGlam?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 2012: My Birchbox Fail & Birchbox Customer Service

Well, I think the viceo says it all so instead of me just typing it up like a script, watching it would be much faster!
So there we go. Once again, sorry about the cruddy lighting. Next time I'm passionate about a video I'll put it aside & tweak my lighting haha.

What was in my Birchbox:

- Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb

Here's the swatch. Top is swatched 3 times & bottom only swiped once. Not much of a difference from my super pale skin eh? Not a fan.

-Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser (in the tiniest sample ever)

-Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift perfume sample

-Lifestyle extra was two tea bags from Le Palais des Thes

What was missing from my shipment was the Willa Clear Face Moisturizer. Birchbox let me know it should be on its way but I will let you guys know how that goes.

I've never not had a sample in my box before...have you? This Birchbox was a fail for me, how was yours?  I hope you liked yours a lot better!

Physician's Formula pH Matchmaker Blush in Natural Swatches & Review

Physician's Formula pH Matchmaker Blush is similar to the pH lipgloss in light pink I reviewed in a few ways: the pH color matching system, the lighting, & I love it. Just like the gloss, this blush was created to be able to transform into the perfect shade for your skin tone within 60 seconds.

The packaging on this was fabulous. The black case is very sturdy & the compartments don't pop open or flip-flop around like some of my blushes do. I don't usually use brushes that come with products (what would be the point of buying my own?) but I honestly quite like this one. Its somewhat stiff so it applies the color perfectly. The lights on this one are just as bright as on the gloss but much more usuable to me. If you look on the right side of the mirror you will see the TINIEST of switches to turn it on. Some people might complain about how small the switch is but I think its perfect. If it was big it would pick up excess blush & get in my way.

As you can see, the swatch is beautiful. The silver shimmering dots along the edges add some silver spark to this swatch. The silver dots of shimmer on the blush can be wiped off if you don't like them which is a plus as well. After the silver is wiped off, its gone. This color is a warm pink with very coral undertones. I was suprised this was "Natural" because normally that's just a pink. I look much more natural in corals so this was a big bonus.

As for the color changing aspect, I found it lacking. You could visibly SEE my gloss change remember? So I thought this would work along the same lines. I am sad to report I didn't notice it adjust. Here they are swatched the one on the right after 2 minutes & the one on the left immediately after application. Bummer right?

Well, not really. I love this blush. Its silky & smooth when applied. This color looks gorgeous on & I can build it if I want. Plus, its drugstore afforable which I always appreciate! On top of that, I really do love this packaging. In fact, I like this shade so much I want to check out the other shade in this line available which is called "Rose" when I can.

You can pick these up at your local drugstores for around $12.95 but, as always when I review Physician's Formula, I recommend waiting for a bargain. CVS often has some amazing deals that will reduce this by around 50% if not more. If you don't want to wait, I honestly don't blame you. This shade really is that gorgeous.

* A sample of this product was provided by PR for review.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mani of the Day: Jersey? Sure! Hand Mixed Polish from NailsByLaura

Today we have a shade from Laura of Nails By Laura. You can find her on Etsy under the shop name NailsByLaura & her facebook page Nails by Laura. Definitely follow her on facebook because she has had some big things in the works both nail polish-wise & business-wise! If you remember WAY back to Halloween 2011, I showed you two of her pigments I used in my eyeshadow look using Witches Brew & Toil & Trouble. Clearly, her true passion is nails, & boy does it show. She has some greats in her shop including some inspired collections from Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Twilight, & lots of original designs. She will also make you a CUSTOM nail polish which is very cool!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Peachy Keen, Ring Around the Rosy, & Birthday Suit Swatches & Review

So here are the first 3 Mega Shield Lip Colors I picked up & I liked them so much I have picked up 2 more. Because these were the first its only fair you see them first right? All 3 of these are gorgeous.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Peachy Keen- A peachy bronze frost that gives off the warmth of gold without being too over the top.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Ring Around the Rosy- A rose shade that leans a bit raisin. This one is creamy & without shimmer. Very wearable.

Wet n Wild Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 in Birthday Suit- A pink toned nude with a frosted finish. For those who were digging my lip color for my Purple Smoky Eye Post I did for my birthday, this was the lip color used. Although its a frost I find it really easy to wear.

 So what makes these so great? Besides their price tag, color selection, & being from a brand I trust, these are great lip colors overall. Moisturizing but will last longer than other moisture rich shades. I love the feel on my lips as they aren't thick or slick, two things I'm not interested in for summer. Plus...SPF! I LOVE that! I'll be wearing these more in videos & pictures so stay tuned if you want to see them with a full face. All three are lovely against my skin tone & I can't imagine them not working on someone else really.These also swatched easily & although they are buildable I can also wear them sheer because they are well pigmented.

A negative? Yep. The packaging on these is just ...weird! The two photos above comes on each single tube. I'll let my girl Kelly at Vampy Varnish explain because she does it so eloquently. Done ready? Okay so these are picking up fuzz like crazy around where the sticker was. So annoying. Other than the whole sticker dilemma, I rather like the tube. It feels sturdy & such.

These are $2.99 each but Wet n Wild is often sold in stores with great sales so be sure to check that out before you hunt them down. I believe I picked mine up from CVS or Walgreens. Have you tried these? What shades are you loving?
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