Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: 14 inch Pro Extensions 24/27 Full Head of Clip In Extensions Review

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

14 inch Pro Extensions 24/27 Full Head of Clip In Extensions Review

So for the first time ever, I have a full head of extensions to tell you about today! I'm going to do a video eventually showing you how I apply my extensions but for now, I'm just going to review the extensions themselves. These are the 14 inch Pro Extensions 24/27 Full Head of Clip In Extensions.
If you aren't familiar with clip in extensions, here are what the clips look like. They lay flat against your head when applied properly. I actually have pretty darn thick hair so I got these more for the blonde mix. My shade is quite darker currently, but I am a lot blonder in the summer. These give nice color definition to my hair & add a lot of hair. Unless I want just some cheapie color streaks, I always try to get human hair because being able to curl/straighten extensions into your hair makes all the difference.

In this set you get TONS of hair pieces & I rarely wear them all at once. I like adding in 2 of the larger sets in the back & then 2 on each side of my head if my hair is down. I CAN wear them all easily, I just choose not to. When I have my hair in an updo, I usually add them all to give myself tones of fullness.

What you receive in this set:
one (1) 8 inch wide weft with 3 clips
one (1) 7 inch wide weft with 3 clips each
two (2) 6 inch wide wefts with 3 clips each
six (6) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts with 1 clip each
two (2) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts (no clips) for testing/coloring

In case you can't tell that's a lot of hair! Because these are 100% human hair you can curl, wash, flat iron, & brush these without issue. These clips stay in well but I always tease at the base just to make sure. I am honestly not sure what to do with the wefts (the ones without clips) but maybe Ill use those & chalk or dye them then sew clips to them? I like the coloring on these quite a bit, they lean warm instead of too yellow or too red. It is a nice blend of shades.

You can get this whole head of human hair extensions for only $74.99 from Pro Extensions with FREE overnight shipping if you spend over $60...I'd say that is a pretty sweet deal. I wanted to really play with these but unfortunately I needed to get this review up so I didn't have time to get the video tutorial up with the camera issues. Hold tight & I'll have that up probably when I'm in California for IMATS 2013!

UPDATES: Use discount code "Stephanie" so you can get a 5% discount on your purchase!

**Items provided in consideration of honest review. All opinions are my own.
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