Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: NEW Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliners in Black, Brown, & Sparkling Black Review & Swatches

Friday, January 4, 2013

NEW Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliners in Black, Brown, & Sparkling Black Review & Swatches

This may shock you guys (NOT!) but I find myself way impressed with Rimmel lately. I have been anticipating these new releases because I watch quite a few international youtubers & they tend to get things first! FleurDeForce, who is pretty much gorgeously amazing, has been recommending these handy liners & comparing them to NARS. I quickly jotted down their names & impatiently waiting...& now they're here!

I found these on a display along with the eyeshadow jumbo sticks & snapped up all 3 available shades. Packaging wise these are pretty standard but I'm digging the clear caps that actually stay on. These have silver metallic writing on them so excuse the difficulty to photograph them! These will need to be sharpened.

Left to right Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliners in Black, Sparkling Black, & Brown

Guys I am SO impressed. First of all, let us talk about this black shade. So soft, so creamy so smudgeable, SO waterproof! This is also so black! I think this rivals some of my blackest blackest & I feel like maybe it is time to compare my blackest liners after this! Obviously when I think waterproof, I think waterline. & this actually works for me! I am so impressed! After about 4 hours it still looks nice & after 6 I could see wear. For me, that is wonderful & I do currently have allergy eyes so I'm excited to see how this works when my eyes are dryer! If I apply it to my eyes (not the waterline) it lasts all day.

Sparkling Black & Brown are both big hits for me as well! I personally don't wear dark brown eyeliner because I feel like I prefer black but I do love a good medium brown shade! This is a gorgeous cool toned medium brown with some barely there bronze shimmer. I'll have to see if this dupes any of my high end medium browns.

This Sparkling Black is a unique & lovely surprise. Normally, blacks with shimmer or glitter just look off to me. After I apply them I always think "That would look better just black." While I still prefer black, this is a gorgeous shade of graphite PACKED with silver glitter.  want to call them flecks...but they are super fine but a tad larger. This is the first sparkling black where the glitter doesn't irritate me, transfers well, &actually lasts! This has real pigment to me instead of just a skipping glitter liner. I think this will be amazing with a pretty smoky eye!

I felt the need to post about these ASAP because they're new to the US Rimmel line & I honestly haven't seen much coverage! Have you checked these out? What shades look good to you? Would you guys be interested in a post or video about my black eyeliner favs & fails?
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