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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair: Random Late Night Twisted Headband!

 photo 7bbf3b95-6d3a-49fc-be99-c63063146c47_zpsc388db70.jpg 

Last night I stumbled onto something awesome. Does anyone else mess with their hair while they watch tv? I try not to but I knew I was washing it today & that's when I do weird braids & such. Last night though...something cool happened without me trying! Keep reading for instructions!

 photo DSCN3024_zps08594f4f.jpg
I started by taking a small strand from the very from of my hair above my left ear & twisting it towards the back. I collected strands across the front until I had a thin roll all the way to my other ear.

 photo DSCN3047_zpsf686983e.jpg

 photo DSCN3045_zps14671320.jpg
Next I created a rounded shape by grabbing a thicker chunk of hair in a half circle type shape & coming back around. I didn't go close to the first twist because I didn't want it to look like corn rows...& I'm glad I didn't! My twist ended up going along the crown of my head. In the end, it actually turned into kind of a headband!

 photo DSCN3026_zps47af26e6.jpg
I loved it! I did this in the dark & told hubby to turn on the light. He said "When did that happen? How did you do that?" at least 4 times. He thought it looked pretty cool! Keep in mind I didn't have a mirror & did this all by feel so please excuse any bumps or lumps!

 photo DSCN3022_zps43466f43.jpg
What do you guys think? Does anyone else play with their hair like this when they're bored? I was actually kind of bummed to take it out!
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