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Friday, February 1, 2013

La Bella Box January 2013- A New Subscription!

I love trying new subscriptions! La Bella Box arrived while I was away & I'm so excited to show you what was inside! I'd describe this box as being a more useable wellness box because although it contains some beauty items it also had home items I'll actually use!

The La Bella Box is a simply designed box perfect to store the small items & for regifting or storage. Since this is my first box, I'm not sure if the packaging changes but this is very nice. The items are placed on top of black crinkle shards & wrapped in antiqued gold tissue paper. Lovely presentation & it doesn't feel cheap at all.

It comes with a standard card with information about the products. This feels & looks almost identical to those you'd find in Birchbox. They have the prices for each product which I really appreciate. When companies leave that off I have a bit of a gripe.

Little Blooms Handmade Elastic Knotted Ties(3 Pack worth $5)
I know some people aren't a fan of these types of hair ties but I love them. I stack them with my bracelets & people never notice the difference! They're flat, stretchy, & comfortable to wear both in my hair & on my wrist! These are made by an Etsy seller & I'm digging these wearable shades. She also has lots of glitter varieties...I'd love to get my hands on those!

Truffle Truffle Classic Milk S'more (Worth $2.75 each)
I posted a picture of the inside of this candy here & omigosh it is ridiculously tasty. Packed in layers & then covered in chocolate it is a magnificent treat. Check out my Instagram picture to see its chocolate-y yummy glory!

Kishr Ancient Wellness Beverage ( One satchel is worth $1.75)
I adore tea & this is definitely a different blend for me! I opted not to sweeten it (I pretty much never sweeten tea) & it was lovely with a bit of a kick from herbs I don't normally sip. I liked it quite a lot!

Joe Jacket Reversible Eco-Chic Beverage Wrap (Worth $9.95)
Years ago I had planned to make one of these for myself...that didn't happen! This wrap is really cute & I love that it is reversible. Although it isn't the colors I would have chosen for myself (Seriously...white? Who can keep that clean?) I love the prints & that I can switch it over for a change on a day to day basis! From a fellow sewer, the stitching on this is great!

Total Overall Box Value is $19.45 (not counting tax/shipping/other fees if bought separately)

La Bella Box is $19 a month & $60 for 3 months. Was my box worth $19? Only because I thoroughly enjoyed everything in it. I happen to love tea, hair ties, bath melts, & coffee mug wraps. What can I say? Maybe I'm easy to please? For $19 if there had been one product I didn't love it would've been a close call but I'm loving what was in the box. It is original, thoughtful, & feels like something a friend would put together for another friend.

It has a more comfortable, original feel rather than professional. With some items from Etsy sellers (which I love!) & other small businesses, I'm loving the feeling of supporting other creative types without having to search for them myself. I think this is a valuable service & fills a gap in the subscription service market which is pretty saturated with ideas currently. If you're looking for something new, out of the box, with a personal feel then I think this could be for you!

What do you think of what was in this box? Have you tried La Bella Box? Would you be willing to give it a shot?

**This product was provided in hopes of review. I chose to show it you & expressed my own honest opinions.
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