Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: My LA IMATS 2013 Haul including OCC, BFTE, Naked, & More!

Monday, February 11, 2013

My LA IMATS 2013 Haul including OCC, BFTE, Naked, & More!

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I came home to a bit of a working mess & passed on doing my haul. When a subscriber asked to see it though, I was more than happy to oblige. I don't feel like I got tons of stuff but I'm really happy with what I did get! From eyeshadow palettes to lippies to tools I got some seriously cool stuff!
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I'm not going to go too much into each product because...there are a lot! Plus, I'm not ready to officially review them. If you want to see reviews on anything you see here (or anything on the blog really!) then just let me know in the comments!

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So, obviously, I'm a bit Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar fan. I've swatched multiple OCC Lip Tars & was desperate for more. Unfortunately, they were out of 2 of the shades I wanted most (Black Dahlia & Bella Donna) but I still picked up 3 gorgeous shades. I actually regret not getting more. I got Anime, Harlot, & Queen.

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At the LA Colors booth you could choose shades at a discount out of a bin. My mom & I each picked 5 because they were 10 for $10. I picked up 2 glitters & 3 neon type shades. I actually am super impressed with the quality. 

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I picked up 3 cheap makeup brushes from from Crown Brush. One is a very small crease/blending type brush, in the middle is a super small fan brush, & then a very dense short wide brush. It it also very small. I was going for small clearly. I'm pondering a set from Sigma but never made it to their booth somehow. Mom & I each picked up their sponge as well because they were something like 2 for $8. I'll be comparing it to my holy grail Beauty Blender.

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BFTE eyeshadows were definitely  an exciting time for me because my great blogging friend Phyrra was workign their booth. I opted for these 6 shades (which I'll be reviewing later on) & then got them home & was instantly mad at myself. Gee Stephanie...way to pick out variety! Not a warm or highlight shade in the dang bunch!

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I've heard only the best things about Red Cherry Lashes so when I saw a deal (12 for $20) I was in. I'll be using them in multiple upcoming looks. They had a wonderful variety but I definitely stuck with more wearable options. I'm so boring right? 

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 This is my freebie of the day! We got a piece of paper offering a free item of a certain price range. I opted for a lipstick. This is from Make-up Designory & it is alright. It has kind of a plastic-y scent. I haven't worn it yet, just a quick swatch. I was going to buy more but a lot of the people working that booth seemed grumpy so we moved along.

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I also picked up the 28 Neutral colored palette which has a lot more light shades than most palettes & much less dark. I honestly wish there were more dark shades because the shimmering chocolate brown shade (upper right corner) is my hands down favorite. Nice matte options here too.

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The Jenni Rivera Palette was an awesome find & I used it quite a few times during my trip. I love the blushes & eyeshadows as well. Some gorgeous shimmers there. That green? Yeah baby!

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The Day & Night palette has kind of a lame name, in my opinion, but it is absolutely lovely. With some pastels, neutrals,& brights it is super easy to use.

I was pretty bummed Coastal Scents wasn't there this year but I am a big fan of BH Cosmetics & was really interested in seeing a few particular things in person. Unfortunately, they were sold out of their blush palette. Damn. My other interest was the BH Party Girl Palette...but I actually found 2 other palettes I preferred. Funny how seeing things in person will change your mind! 

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Here was my very FIRST purchase! I absolutely loved the Sauce Box items I bought last year & the Creme de la Creme palette was on my list. Just in case it sold out, I veered there first. Lovely packaging & wearable colors. You got a free mascara with purchase.

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I saved the purchase I was anticipating the most for last, 2 Naked stacks. I'll be buying more & passed on some I'll be saving up for. I ended up getting both Twilight & Urban Rustic...they're ridiculously impressive & gorgeous.

So there you have it! That's what I got at IMATS 2013! Anything you want to see in a future tutorial or review? Any recommendations?
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