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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nails: OPI Can't Let Go Liquid Sand Nail Polish Review & Swatches

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Let me start with: I was fully prepared to hate this nail polish. I love new polishes, in fact, abnormally so. But for some reason, sand didn't sound fun. When you use a lot of glitter you learn the truth about grit. It soaks up topcoat like a sponge, snags on every fabric you own, & manages to fall or chip off in the most inconvenient times.I was not amused by any of these things & thought OPI's Liquid Sand would be similar....basically a mess.

However, I was wrong. Very wrong. In fact, I love this polish. From the texture to the wear time, I'm quite impressed. It did take a little longer to dry than average but the fact that you don't use a top coat with these definitely contributes to that. It feels gritty but not flakey, it lays securely against the nail. This is definitely unlike anything else I have & I'm digging it! Keeping reading for swatches & thoughts about the Liquid Sand formulation.

 photo DSCN3168_zpsfc07536c.jpg
 photo DSCN3172_zpsf7220cae.jpg
 photo DSCN3177_zpsdea31ba7.jpg
OPI Can't Let Go Liquid Sand: Medium purple liquid sand texture with medium purple hex glitter in the mix. Everything but the glitter dries matte (& liquid sand) so the glitter really gives a jolt of interest & catches the light beautifully. 2 coats no base or top coat.

Although this shade doesn't remind me of Mariah Carey like at all (it isn't pink for one thing) I do love it. For one is purple. I love me some purple. This texture is very cool & my husband agreed. I've been wearing it for 4 days total & only have minor tip wear. These don't use a top coat because it ruins the effect but I've seen some great swatches (like this one here from The PolishAholic) where you can see this shade with top coat. It is lovely either way really so that's nice. It looks completely different with top coat.

I received this in my January Glossybox (I'll be posting about that later today) in a full size but a friend also bought me the set of 4 minis that I'll try to show you soon! Would I want a whole collection of Liquid Sand? Probably not, I love me some high shine. I do enjoy having something pretty, wearable, & unique though!
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