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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NEW Styli-Style It's A Breeze! Cooling Gel Eye Shadow Pencils Swatches & Review

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So far I've covered these awesome blush sticks & the long-wearing semi-permanent eyeliners from Styli-Style & now I have some shadow sticks! While both products prior were definitely something I feel like drugstore brands are lacking, these shadow sticks are a total blast from the past! Read on for swatches & a comparison to an old favorite!

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When I think back to middle school, blue eyeshadow was all the rage. My weapon of choice? Maybelline Cool Effects Shadow Liner in a VERY frosty blue variety. Man, that's the stuff. Nostalgia all the way. I haven't seen anything since that even remotely compared to those pencils but Styli-Style has managed to recreate a similar product with vast improvements!

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From Styli-Style:
Refresh your eyes with our special cooling gel eye shadow formula in 10 beautiful shades. This crayon component provides total product control and yields a fresh layer of product each time it is sharpened. 

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Top is Styli-Style Cooling Gel Eye Shadow in Aqua Forever & bottom is Star Bright.

Aqua Forever: Described as "Teal" on the site I find it is much more than that! The base is definitely teal but it almost has a seafoam green quality to it. There is a fair green/gold shimmer deep beneath. It translates as a satin.

Star Bright: This is described as a"Gold" but I see this more as a warm vanilla. Perfect base or inner corner highlight. Translates a semi-metallic satin.

There are so many differences between these & the Maybelline CEs but the standout is definitely lasting power. When applied, this is very cool. Not cool as in hip & with it but icey. Neat feeling really & much like my old crush from Maybelline. This is a sharpenable jumbo pencil with a plastic cap. You can see the shade on the cap so you can find them easily. That's where the similarities end though because Styli-Style blows them out of the water.

After applying, you have a bit of time to blend these whether you'd like a sheer base or to blend with other shades. After about 1-2 minutes though, these actually set! You can rub your finger against them when swatched on your hand & there is a light shimmer transfer but the color remains sturdy. They aren't so long wearing that they are difficult to remove & if you have oily lids I recommend a base if wearing them alone. I really love these 2 shades & definitely want to check out some more!

Do you remember Styli-Style? Do you use jumbo eyeshadow sticks & if so, how? I have more to show you including some more eyeliners, lip paints, & glitter lip stains!

**Items sent in consideration of review. All opinions are my own.
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