Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: NEW Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquers in String Bikini & Backstage Swatches & Review

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NEW Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquers in String Bikini & Backstage Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3160_zps592178bd.jpg
This is going to be a depressing post folks. I have been so excited about the VS polishes coming out. I like quite a few Victoria's Secret makeup items so when they decided to make nail polish I was all in. Unfortunately...the 2 polishes I tried first weren't what I was expecting...

 photo DSCN3136_zps1bba4f7c.jpg
 photo DSCN3138_zps7c967b6a.jpg
String Bikini: A very cool pink. Super stringy & difficult to apply. 2 coats.
Cooler than China Glaze Naked, hotter than Zoya Shelby, & slightly lighter than Sinful Colors Pink Forever.
 photo DSCN3151_zps375ad547.jpg
 photo DSCN3149_zpsfce1aa11.jpg
Backstage: Light pink small glitter with sparse holo & dark pink hexes. 1-2 coats? Sponged on... No top coat. Very thick.
Very similar to Maybelline Rose Bling but with less holo & dark pink hexes. Besides that, they're dupes.

I was so depressed after application I pretty much consider these swatches fails. String Bikini needed to be color corrected because it is that odd shade of pink but other than that....I barely looked through the few photos I did take. Fails. These are fails.

I loved both of these shades in theory (& the names!) but String Bikini was the biggest let down. I'm praying I got a bad bottle because I've never used a brand new bottle of polish these stringy. On top of that, it made my nails look dry as heck. Backstage was goopy, which I can deal with, but it was so goopy application was pretty much impossible. I had to sponge this on with the brush but I wasn't happy about it. Notice the edges are glitter free because it was so gloopy.

Clearly these both need thinner & some serious chemistry. I have some other shades to try but man am I timid now. Very timid. I will say I like the packaging, very much like my beloved butterLONDON polishes with the removable cap & rectangular shape.

I picked my shades up inside the Victoria's Secret store with some rewards points but these should also be available online soon. I honestly can't remember how much they were...but they weren't cheap! Whenever I find the receipt I'll post the price.
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