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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection Swatches & Review

 photo PicMonkeyCollagesfco_zps0581301c.jpgIt has been a very long time since I covered Sinful Colors on this blog. After the big blogger fiasco, I silently bought a few polishes here & there but without much love. I was angry, as a customer & a blogger. Now, going into a new year, I'm going to start covering them here & there. To my knowledge, they have resolved things with the bloggers previously involved. Here's to a lesson learned I hope. Keep reading to see swatches of each of these lovely shades!
With that, I bring you the Sugar Rush Collection. With lots of hidden shimmers & gorgeous spring ready shades this has me prepped for spring. All of these swatches are without top coat or base.

 photo DSCN4047_zps8a05ae39.jpg
 photo DSCN4041_zps50ad59c2.jpg
Sweet Nothing- Creamy pastel blue with hints of turquoise. 2 coats. A bit thick. 

 photo DSCN4074_zps34dab892.jpg
 photo DSCN4069_zpsfb7a35d1.jpg
Unicorn- Pastel yellow cream. Harder to manage & patchy. 4 thin coats. This is the only shade from this display that is actually permanent. It became easily clear that the formula has gotten much better!

 photo DSCN4089_zps1d7b30e7.jpg
 photo DSCN4092_zps114927ba.jpg
Sweet Tooth- Warm pastel lavender with hidden shimmer. Sheer first coat. 3 coats.

 photo DSCN4101_zps916f91a5.jpg

 photo DSCN4108_zpsb908aebb.jpg
Sugar N Spice- Creamy hot pink with hidden shimmer. 2 coats opacity.

 photo DSCN4121_zps579842c7.jpg
 photo DSCN4122_zps09c91b12.jpg
Candy Coated- Pale pastel super blue toned lavender with hidden shimmer, barely visible. Sheer first coat. 3 coats. More purple than in the photos.

 photo DSCN4142_zps7f4c1715.jpg
 photo DSCN4141_zpsd3e029a4.jpg
Sugar Rush- Light pastel blue cream, no shimmer. 2 coats opaque. I'll need to swatch this with some other similar colors. I know I have something similar but it is absolutely lovely! Color corrected because it is pretty much white with a drop of blue.

 photo DSCN4188_zps1a3ab42a.jpg
 photo DSCN4185_zps60525e28.jpg
Orange Cream- Pastel creamy tangerine orange with hidden shimmer. 1st coat sheer, 3 coats to opaque. Probably one of my very favorites, it is lovely.

 photo DSCN4205_zps48ae7c56.jpg
 photo DSCN4207_zpsc5fb4546.jpg
Cotton Candy- Light cool pink cream with hidden shimmer. 3 coats to opaque.

There you have it! I really hope you'll stick around & follow to see the collection I am most excited for. The Almost Famous Collection from Sinful Colors is full of glitters & some of them are just terribly awesome. I'll be showing those to you soon! What do you think of the Sugar Rush swatches? Any shades you're interested in?

I also wanted to note that with the Walgreens deal going on this week, I snapped all of mine up for $1. Most people are saying you can only get 3 at that price but for some worked at my Walgreens!
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