Stephanie Louise- All Things Beautiful: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

PR: Readhead Bobbi Pins from How to Be a Redhead!

February 2013, New York, NY-New York City based website” is set to release bobbi pins that have been created specifically for the three different types of red hair: “ginger,” “auburn/ruby red” and “midnight red.”
How to be a Redhead is empowering every Redhead to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their natural beauty. Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle! Founded in January 2011 by sisters and natural born Redheads, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, How to be a Redhead is a space where women with red hair, natural and “bottled,” can connect over unique beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice. After Adrienne and Stephanie had their own tireless struggles to find products and clothing that catered to young, trendy Redhead women the sisters decided to take a stand and started “”.
 Adrienne and Stephanie always recommend that their readers use hair accessories to make red hair “pop.” One day, the girls were shopping for hair accessories themselves and realized that large hair companies did not offer bobbi pins for redheads. At that moment, they made the revolutionary decision to create the world’s first bobbi pins for redheads.
Adrienne said, “There are so many different types of red hair. The three most common are the “ginger” redhead, the “true red” redhead and the “deep, auburn” redhead. So, what we did was, we took the time and created a bobbi pin for each of those redheads and put them all in one easy package. The bobbi pin will camouflage into the hair of some redheads, but the bobbi pins have been designed to make red hair pop.”
The bobbi pins will premiere at Rock it Like a Redhead, How to be a Redhead’s first live beauty and fashion event for Redheads on March 16, 2013.
Stephanie said, “Every single detail about Rock it like a Redhead has been selected and handpicked for redheads. So, it is only appropriate that we release the redhead bobbi pins to the attendees during the evening of the monumental event.”
How to be Redhead is the only online source for redheads. It offers beauty, fashion and healthy living recommendations. How to be a Redhead's mission to empower every redhead woman to feel confident, to look amazing and to rock their beauty. Red hair is more than a color, it’s a lifestyle! How to be a Redhead is headquartered in New York City, USA.
For more information:
I love How to be a Redhead, those girls are brilliant! I remember the AHA moment when they finally made blonde bobbi pins so this is very smart! You go girls! Any red heads out there cheering them on? When I was a redhead, I would've killed for these!

NEW Jesse's Girl Julie G Nail Polish (5 Shades!) Swatches

 photo JulieGFirstPhotoCabana_zpsc82d6f03.jpg
So I was lucky enough to get my hands on 5 new Julie G Nail Polish shades. These are from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics & I already knew I loved their formula. They know what they're doing. I really want to get my hands on some specific shades but for now here are 5 of the new colors! I'll also have some baby shower nail art one of you requested! Stay tuned for swatches!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Khroma Kardashian Khloe's Kardazzle Complete Face Palette Review & Swatches

 photo DSCN2452_zpsa3d04e98.jpg
Well this review is long overdue. I picked these up before I left for IMATS LA 2013 & photographed them, used them, then left. Now I want to preface this by saying ULTA now has the Kourtney version of these palettes available & it has gotten much better reviews. In fact...the other two have been pulled off the site altogether. I don't know if you can still find them in stores, if they've been reformulated, I honestly just don't know. I also wanted to note I've heard some good things about the lashes although I haven't tried them myself.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alessandro Nail Polish Nagellack in Caramel Temptation Review & Swatches

 photo DSCN4416_zpsedce8331.jpg
Alessandro is big in Europe so I'm terribly excited to be seeing it begin to pop up in the US. Today I get to show you one of their new shades, Caramel Temptation, but I really hope to show you more in the future! Keep reading to see swatches & a review!

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick Review & Swatches

 photo editphoto1stmaybelline_zps5e9fc3fc.jpg
I feel like I've tried a million lip products this season. All of them new, unique, & most of them rather impressive. The Maybelline Color Whispers are definitely different & filled a void many people found in the Revlon Lip Butters. Personally, I think they're completely different products but for those looking for sheer, moisturizing color & didn't find them in the Revlon Lip Butters the Maybelline Color Whispers are becoming a big hit. Clearly I had to get in on it too.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Urban Decay Glinda Oz the Great & Powerful Palette Set Review & Swatches

 photo glinda1stphoto_zps1e53af52.jpg
Let's start off with You need to buy this palette. Now that we're off to a good start, let's talk about why! This palette is from the Urban Decay Oz the Great & Powerful collection & there is also a Theodora set available which I'll feature soon as well. I knew I needed both palettes & pre-ordered them. I've now had sufficient time to play with all of the shades & am excited to bring you my final thoughts. I also created an eyeshadow look on A Girl's Gotta Spa featuring this palette so I urge you to check that out!

NEW Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Sticks in Paranoid Purple, Blackmail, & Blamed Blue Review & Swatches

 photo DSCN4318_zps3be3913a.jpg
Whew! Has this been a Rimmel lovefest lately around here or what? I am just so crazy impressed! I found 3 more shades of the Rimmel Scandal Eye Shadow Stick Crayons & these just might be my favorite shades yet! My prior review  swatched contained the shades Witness White, Bulletproof Beige, Gossip Green, Tempting Turquoise, Bad Girl Bronze, & Guilty Grey. Now we have what I think will be some of my most used shades!

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balms in Watermelon & Berry Twist Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN2042_zpscf05b676.jpg

I'm totally engrossed in the jumbo lipstick/balm/stain trend. I have a few more to pick up (like the Neutrogena... if you like that one comment me below!) then I plan to do a larger scale comparison. I've had a couple of requests to see the Tarte version which I love & I've already reviewed the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains although I've since picked up one or two more. Overall I like this application because (as long as they aren't too soft) these pencils have perfect control & are much easier for me to take on the go & apply in a pinch. Covergirl released a similar concept except these are promoted as a "sheer wash of color" on the lips.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Soap Cartel Lavender Muse, Egyptian Rose, & Detox Campaign Soap Bars Review

 photo DSCN3907_zps98c3679c.jpg
When it comes to soap, I'm all about the scent. Of course I want to get clean & not have to fumble but it really is all about the scent. Very rarely do I still with one specific type, just go by smell. Soap Cartel totally has me covered. Not only are these super pretty to look at, smell great, & feel wonderful on the skin but they also have loads of ingredients I like using on my body.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nails: China Glaze Def Defying Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN4233_zpscd88ded5.jpg
This was a shade I picked up recently from the Cirque Collection from China Glaze. Originally, I passed it up & went for the glitters ( I swatched Whirled Away, Water You Waiting For, & my favorite shade It's a Trap-Eze! here) because, well, they're glitters. I actually picked up Def Defying & Hanging in the Balance which I'll show you later on. How I passed up Def Defying I don't know...I am a green fanatic especially when they lean lime-y.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nails: Sinful Colors Almost Famous Glitter Collection Swatches & Review

 photo PicMonkeyCollagescalmostcollage_zpsb58afa8c.jpg
This is a pretty pic heavy post because wowie, these are lovely. Along with the Sugar Rush Collection I swatched yesterday from Sinful Colors, these are the current Sinful Colors Collections. You're going to see some nice variety here along with a few really unique combinations. Keep reading to see swatches of each shade!

Accessories: Grace Adele Items

 photo PicMonkeyCollagegaitems_zps0b88ebe3.jpg
So this morning, a bit of a different kind of post! I received a few items from a Grace Adele consultant & I'll be sharing them with you today. Also, the whole way that Grace Adele works...because it is totally different from anything else I've ever seen!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

See Stephanie Read: A Good American by Alex George

 photo 9780425253175_p0_v2_s260x420_zps55d7d6cf.jpgSo when I started reading A Good American by Alex George I honestly didn't know what to expect. I'm not huge on historical fiction...unless there is loads of horrible romance thrown in. Or supernatural something. This isn't that type of book though.... & yet still, I loved it. The beginning was wonderful & so that I won't give away too much, here's the basic description.

This is the story of the Meisenheimer family, told by James, a third-generation American living in Beatrice, Missouri. It’s where his German grandparents—Frederick and Jette—found themselves after journeying across the turbulent Atlantic, fording the flood-swollen Mississippi, and being brought to a sudden halt by the broken water of the pregnant Jette.
 A Good American tells of Jette’s dogged determination to feed a town sauerkraut and soul food; the loves and losses of her children, Joseph and Rosa; and the precocious voices of James and his brothers, sometimes raised in discord…sometimes in perfect harmony. 
But above all, A Good American is about the music in Frederick’s heart, a song that began as an aria, was jazzed by ragtime, and became an anthem of love for his adopted country that the family still hears to this day.

This has a great "pull you in" beginning & while the middle is a little bit here or there it all comes together in the end. The twist is totally worth it. Although I didn't feel the flow as much as I would've liked, it didn't stop me from wanting to read it. With a lot of sweetness & a lot of soul, this book hit all the notes expected. Pun intended.

Interested in reading A Good American? Join in on our discussion over at BlogHer here, we'd be happy to have you! I'd love to heard what you're reading right now, care to share? I'm always looking for a good read!

**This book was provided for review. This is a compensated post. All opinions are my own. 

Sinful Colors Sugar Rush Collection Swatches & Review

 photo PicMonkeyCollagesfco_zps0581301c.jpgIt has been a very long time since I covered Sinful Colors on this blog. After the big blogger fiasco, I silently bought a few polishes here & there but without much love. I was angry, as a customer & a blogger. Now, going into a new year, I'm going to start covering them here & there. To my knowledge, they have resolved things with the bloggers previously involved. Here's to a lesson learned I hope. Keep reading to see swatches of each of these lovely shades!

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Raspberry Rush, Nude Creme, Red Label, & Flamingo Pose Swatches & Review

 photo PicMonkeyCollagemilani_zps8e1daab3.jpg
Milani has sent out a lot of these lipsticks to bloggers (sadly I wasn't one of them!) so I went to pick out some of the shades after seeing rave reviews. I didn't mean to really, but I happened to grab one from each color family. Definitely worth the buy! Keep reading to see why the Milani Color Statement Lipsticks will have a permanent spot in my vast collection!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer in Spoiled Brat & The Queen's Jewels Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3871_zps38821087.jpg
I am so excited to be bringing you these swatches today! When I got the press release for Pomegranate's Royal Fairy Tale Collection, I immediately knew which two shades I wanted. As I browsed through the new shades (all of which are absolutely gorgeous & so want to come home with me!) one very dreary day here, I immediately grasped on to "lime green jelly" & "jewel glitter" in the description. Sold. Keep reading for some seriously happy swatches!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty for Real Light Up Lip Gloss in Kiss Me Review & 10 GLOSS GIVEAWAY!

 photo 88485574-b734-4976-a624-bbb2492f1038_zpsa881e69b.jpg
So today I have an exciting post & giveaway to share along with Beauty for Real ( Justina's Gem's who connected me to the brand!) for 10 Beauty for Real Light Up Lip Glosses in Kiss Me! Along with the review, you'll have a great chance to win one of 10 glosses at the end of the post! Woohoo! I think you guys will really love this shade, formula, & overall look so let's dive into the Beauty for Real Lip Gloss in Kiss Me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Dutchess Lounge Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

 photo PicMonkeyCollagewnwdutch_zpseb63ace4.jpg
I've been holding off on this review because, well, I'm sad. I was so excited about the Fergie Centerstage collection (I do love the Fergie Black Gel Eyeliner & lots of other items!) but these eyeshadows are definitely not what I was expecting. I love the Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadows, they're beyond exceptional. Ultra pigmented, wearable, buttery, & I could just go on & on. Fabulous. These, unfortunately, are not the same formula.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NEW Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Sticks Review & Swatches (6 Shades!)

 photo 9e0233b2-c9d1-4d0b-98bf-9ab0c6a7f74b_zpsf21abc1a.jpgIf you've seen my first review of the 3 Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohls Eyeliners in some basic shades then you know I loved them SO much that I went out & bought a bunch more shades. In this new line & idea, Rimmel has come out with these jumbo eyeshadow pencils & I grabbed up 6 of them. I found these at Walgreens for approximately $5 each.

ULTA Yes To Events Coming Up!

 So I'm still jumping into the Yes To line ( I have a Yes To Blueberries Moisturizer I'm beginning to use if you guys are interested!) & am really excited about the line. I feel like there is a bit of everything in the line & for multiple skin types. Cool stuff!

Here is the event information from Free Beauty Events:

If you like natural products, then you’re probably familiar with the Yes To brand. The entire line is free of parabens, petroleum, SLS, and phthalates. In February and March, check out the Ulta Yes To event, where there will be great coupons and demonstrators will be sampling:
•YTB Eye Firming Treatment
•YTT Daily Balance Moisturizer
•YTC Body Butter
•YTCU Towelette (30ct)
To see if this event is at an Ulta near you, enter your zip code at the top right of this page.
Date(s): 2/9 2/23 3/2 3/9 3/16

Here's the link to Free Beauty Events so you can get more details. I'll be so jealous if have one near you to attend, it sounds so fun! You can find lots more events on the Free Beauty Events Website along with monthly giveaways!

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's Day Smoky Eyeshadow Look + What Was Used!

 photo DSCN3822-Copy-Copy-Copy_zps25eddea3.jpg
So last night we ended up going to one of our favorite restaurants for Valentine's Day expectantly. It is pretty casual so I went with jeans & a nice black top. For makeup...possibilities were endless. I haven't done a smoky eye in awhile so I went with that!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Eyeshadow Looks Perfect for Valentine's Night

 photo Untitledeasydiyvdayeye_zpsc46114ab.jpg
So I'm actually working on a Valentine's Day look currently because my eyes itched SO badly yesterday that I just couldn't do it. Couldn't. & honestly, it would've looked crap if I had tried. So, while I'm getting myself together, here are 5 looks perfect for tonight!

Nails: My Valentine's Day Manicure 2013

 photo DSCN3779_zps26556fc5.jpg
I really love my nails today. I feel like I've been swatching so much that I've been seriously lacking nail art. I love this so much! Below you'll find lots more pictures including photos of the polishes used in bottle shots & shade information.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Nail Polishes Perfect for Valentine's Day 2013

 photo 10fornailsvday_zpsfcecd894.jpg In this post you'll find 10 polishes perfect for the day of love. From pink to red to purple you'll find shades perfect for the occasion. Most lean towards glitter, sorry! No cremes here this year! I'll show you guys my Valentine's Day manicure tomorrow but for now, just in case you need some inspiration, here are a few of my favorite things! Each photo is linked to swatches & reviews so just click on the photo to see more!

Nails: China Glaze Strawberry Fields Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3112_zpse0a82bd0.jpg
Let's talk about favorite polishes shall we? I wait until Valentine's week every year (until I see sunshine & love is in the air) to break out China Glaze Strawberry Fields. This is one of the China Glaze core polishes which is a good thing...this is my 2nd bottle. When you have a stash like mine & buy a 2nd bottle of something you know it is a big deal.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her 2013

 photo editwohoovdayher_zps9354777b.jpg
Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Normally I would celebrate with my folks (it is their wedding anniversary) then with my hubby for dinner. Being that we are so far away, clearly we won't be doing that. We usually exchange gifts & such as well! So, if you give gifts to your wife, sister, cousin, co-worker, daughter, or any other female, I hope you find this helpful! I tried to include some options that you could go pick up eight this minute along with some others I personally just love.

Wet n Wild Flora & Fauna Overview & Swatches

I know this has been all over the blogosphere so I won't go into too much detail. I picked mine up at Walgreens as I don't live anywhere near a Rite Aid. As the packaging says, these are only $4.99. These are limited edition from Wet n Wild although a few items can be purchased from their displays. All of these were taken with artificial lighting. I wanted to show each item next to each other because if you just want one collection I figure this will make it easier to compare.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A New Take on Roses for Valentine's Day 2013

 photo PicMonkeyCollageroses_zps89efdd6a.jpgI love rose scented just about everything. When Valentine's Day rolls around, I find myself even more intoxicated with the scent. Finally...more rose things to add to my stash! If you're not wanting a bouquet this year, check out these beautiful options for the perfect rose gift! The links below lead to prior reviews or blog posts.

- Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray: I've mentioned this in numerous favorites videos & posts because...I love it. This smells divine & works like a charm. A refreshing mist that isn't too heavily scented but still makes your face look a bit lighter & wears longer as well.

- Conair Rose Impressions Hair Brush: I reviewed & gave away one of these brushes awhile back & I still think it has just the coolest rose print. With swirls of pink & red this looks really artsy while still being functional.

- Badger Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen: I love this, have repurchased it, & still adore it. It is so rare I repurchase a moisturizer so this is a big deal. The scent is incredible & I love it. This might be my favorite of the entire post.

- Mark Lipclick Luxe Lipstick in M.Powerment Petal: I received this oh-so-cool looking lipstick in my December Glossybox & I'm still loving it! With the pink metal packaging, magnetic opening, & holo writing I can't get over the cool! The color is a pretty universal rose shade.

- Prestiche Mineral Treat Bath Salts in Rose: I freaking adore these. I got quite a few Prestiche products to try awhile back & this is one of my favorites. This has made it into favorites for its pure rose scent & lingering scent when tossed into a hot bath.

- Maybelline Line Stylist Lip Liner in Rose 120: An opaque pink toned rose, this lip liner is lovely. The Maybelline Line Stylist pencils are super tiny at the tip making it effortless to apply color where you want it.

- L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines Body Milk: If you love complex rose scents, this is one to take a whiff of. L'Occitane has lots of creative scents that I normally go for but this lotion contains Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan, & Turkish roses. Fabulously feminine.

- Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Rose: I don't know why Revlon did away with this line because, well, they were some of the very best. Beautiful, pigmented, & nicely packaged. Soft Rose in particular is a favorite because it goes with pretty much any makeup look. If you can still get your hands on it, do it!

- 525PR Makeup City La Vie en Rose Blush in Rachel: I absolutely LOVE this shade & it is super soft. The pigmentation is really wearable & when swatched it has kind of a light bronzer look with a nearly ethereal pink sheen. So lovely. This is pretty on the cheeks & chest as well. Plus, what a lovely rose!

Do you love roses? Anything here strike your fancy? What is your favorite floral scent?

 ** Some items sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

Nails: Revlon Girly Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN1896_zpse66e0aea.jpg
I found Girly & Heavenly (my favorite of the two, swatches here) before a lot of people but I only got around to trying girly as a full manicure recently. My nails are stained currently (helllllo green!) so I opted for a white base. This is a very thin milky glitter & I honestly couldn't get it to look quite right so this might be a reswatch later on.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nails: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in Sizzle Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3105_zps9281b25a.jpg
 Every time I stumble upon a new nail polish brand I get excited. Something new! Mineral Fusion may be new to my stash but they have been around since 2007 & make a whole lot more than nail polish. With a full cosmetic line, body care, hair items, & skincare I'm surprised I haven't tried anything before.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men 2013

 photo DSCN3675_zps71654a93.jpg
When it comes to shopping for a man, life is hard. When my husband wants something, he buys it. Same with my dad & about every other male in my life. What do you get the guy who has everything? Well, if you write in the beauty field, you get them something you would like them to have.

My LA IMATS 2013 Haul including OCC, BFTE, Naked, & More!

 photo DSCN2922_zps5d4b465f.jpg
I came home to a bit of a working mess & passed on doing my haul. When a subscriber asked to see it though, I was more than happy to oblige. I don't feel like I got tons of stuff but I'm really happy with what I did get! From eyeshadow palettes to lippies to tools I got some seriously cool stuff!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nails: OPI Wocka Wocka! Swatches & Review

 There are very few shimmery reds that I used outside of November but OPI's Wocka Wocka! is one I find appropriate for the upcoming holiday. Although I normally throw down pink or purple nails for Valentine's Day but sometimes a good red is absolute perfection. Keep reading for a few photos & find out how you can get OPI polishes & other beauty items for a great discount!

 photo DSCN3118_zps058bb5b2.jpg
 photo DSCN3126_zpse50ba5f6.jpg
OPI Wocka Wocka! : A shimmery blue based red. The flash I notice most is pink with a note of gold. 2 coats opacity.

I was lucky enough to receive this polish to try from Cut & Blow, a hair & beauty private sales site. They carry loads of brands you're familiar with & that are featured here on the site (OPI, China Glaze, Pureology, Clarisonic, & more) along with some brands I'd be happy to try out or have had my eye on. All you need to do to have access to deals is sign up much like other deal sites. For instance, the entire OPI Germany Collection is only $5.50 per polish. Sweet!

**This polish was sent for consideration. Affiliate links have been used.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day: These Are a Few of my Favorite *Pink* Things!

 photo PicMonkeyCollagepinkfavs_zps8852bd09.jpgThroughout the year, I'm not a hardcore pink gal. I look fine in pink, love me some pink cheeks, & I don't have a bad relationship...we just aren't besties. However, when Valentine's Day rolls around, I embrace it. The softness of baby pink, the flash of hot pink, & the ease of neutral pinks are absolutely perfect for the holiday. I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite things...all of them pink of course. I tried to link to reviews & such for your convenience too so that's what they will link to. Keep reading to see my picks for eyes, lips, cheeks, fragrances, nails, & more!

Nails: SoFlaJo Involved Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3072_zps9c1cc92e.jpg
Involved is from the Matte Love Collection created by an indie polish maker called SoFlaJo. This is a gorgeous shade & is purple so it was pretty much instant love.

Glossybox for January 2013 featuring TARTE, OPI, & More!

 photo DSCN3311_zps2865073e.jpg
I love me some Glossybox & even though this one came a bit was totally worth the wait! With items from two of my favorite brands (TARTE & OPI? It is Christmas again!) & a few other brands I like as well. Impressed ladies, very impressed. Keeping reading to see what was inside!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

See Stephanie Read: Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

I've been listening to loads of audio books so sitting down to physically read Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner was a real treat. I'm going to try to explain the book a bit but it will be strange. This is a thriller with a plot that involves that I know who it is I just want to tell you so bad! I'll do my best to resist!

 photo gallery_zps23d22341.jpgThis story follows Tessa the detective as she searches through a very strange story. Justin & Libby were a happy couple, at least in theory. When they disappear along with their daughter... Maybe things aren't so happy? This is a story about sifting through smiling faces expecting to find something very dark beneath. Often the people who smile the most are hiding lots of skeletons.

Spoiler: Their marriage is definitely not picturesque. In fact, it is a really sad state of living. Pretty stinking sad & mad my husband & I look like a shiny unicorn.

With lots of twists & turns, Touch & Go is worth a read. You'll be fascinated & enthralled if you like thriller mysteries. Tessa is likeable while still facing adversaries. You get to delve into her job, dealing with seriously sketchy suspects, & lots of fear. I was definitely happy for the read.

Interested in reading Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner? Join in on our discussion over at BlogHer here, we'd be happy to have you! I'd love to heard what you're reading right now, care to share? I'm always looking for a good read!

**This book was provided for review. This is a compensated post. All opinions are my own.

Valentine's Day: 5 Sexy Ways to Add Scent to Date Night

 photo sexyscentpolyvore_zpsb8f10ea3.jpg
Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner? I sure can't! I thought it would be fun to look at 5 different ways to add fragrance for a date without using the average spray. Whether you want to layer scents, have a way to touch up on the go, or to sparkle a bit this Valentine's Day you'll have options!

Nails: OPI Can't Let Go Liquid Sand Nail Polish Review & Swatches

 photo DSCN3163_zps63fc66b2.jpg
Let me start with: I was fully prepared to hate this nail polish. I love new polishes, in fact, abnormally so. But for some reason, sand didn't sound fun. When you use a lot of glitter you learn the truth about grit. It soaks up topcoat like a sponge, snags on every fabric you own, & manages to fall or chip off in the most inconvenient times.I was not amused by any of these things & thought OPI's Liquid Sand would be similar....basically a mess.

However, I was wrong. Very wrong. In fact, I love this polish. From the texture to the wear time, I'm quite impressed. It did take a little longer to dry than average but the fact that you don't use a top coat with these definitely contributes to that. It feels gritty but not flakey, it lays securely against the nail. This is definitely unlike anything else I have & I'm digging it! Keeping reading for swatches & thoughts about the Liquid Sand formulation.

NEW Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliners in Nude, Silver, Purple, & Turquoise Review & Swatches

 photo DSCN3369_zps3f4f7dab.jpg
So I'm hoping you caught my original post where I reviewed the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliners in Black, Brown, & Sparkling Black because they are simply the bee's knees. Seriously, they are no joke & have quickly found their way into my daily stash. Keep reading to see swatches of these much more colorful shades!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NEW Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquers in String Bikini & Backstage Swatches & Review

 photo DSCN3160_zps592178bd.jpg
This is going to be a depressing post folks. I have been so excited about the VS polishes coming out. I like quite a few Victoria's Secret makeup items so when they decided to make nail polish I was all in. Unfortunately...the 2 polishes I tried first weren't what I was expecting...

NEW Styli-Style It's A Breeze! Cooling Gel Eye Shadow Pencils Swatches & Review

 photo collagestylecooling_zps1392e93f.jpg
So far I've covered these awesome blush sticks & the long-wearing semi-permanent eyeliners from Styli-Style & now I have some shadow sticks! While both products prior were definitely something I feel like drugstore brands are lacking, these shadow sticks are a total blast from the past! Read on for swatches & a comparison to an old favorite!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hair: Random Late Night Twisted Headband!

 photo 7bbf3b95-6d3a-49fc-be99-c63063146c47_zpsc388db70.jpg 

Last night I stumbled onto something awesome. Does anyone else mess with their hair while they watch tv? I try not to but I knew I was washing it today & that's when I do weird braids & such. Last night though...something cool happened without me trying! Keep reading for instructions!

Monday, February 4, 2013

27 NEW JulieG Nail Colors for 2013! (+ Light It Up Swatches!)

Hey guys! So I got this wonderful press release over the weekend, promptly lost it, then managed to retrieve it! Yeah baby! I'm super excited about this line & you'll be seeing quite a bit more Julie G & Jesse's Girl products ont he blog because, well, they're freakin fab. I finally picked up Julie's Fav from the Julie G Nail Polish line at Rite Aid when I was in California & yes, it is in fact lovely. Enough blabbing, check out the new stuff!

NEW 2013 JulieG Collection!
by Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics is proud to announce the expansion of their popular JulieG Collection.  These 27 new nail colors were once again designed by top YouTube personality Julie Gutierrez (JulieG713). With a variety of shades, from sparkly, girly pinks to bright blues and greens, there’s a color for everyone. At such an affordable price, you can rock new trendy, fashion-forward nail colors at any budget!


A self-proclaimed girly-girl and self-taught makeup & nail artist, in 2008 Julie began filming makeup & nail tutorials on YouTube from her bedroom and has since reached a global audience of over 100 million views. Her videos range from colorful makeup looks to edgy nail designs and even fashion tips during the weekly “Fashion Friday” segment.
The new shades are as follows:
 A Star is Born- Silver glitter      

Beach Bonfire- Orange

Black Sheep- Black

Bubble Bath- Shimmery pale pink

Cabana Boy- Blue

Cleopatra’s Cobra- Gold glitter

Cotton Candy- Light pink

Damsel- Fuschia

Dolled up Dorothy- Sparkly burgundy

Freshly Squeezed- Creamy yellow 

Holla-peno- Green 

Light it Up- Clear multi-colored glitter

Liquid Metal- Sparkly brown

Little Fairy- Dark sparkly pink 

Love Potion- Pale pink 

Platform Wedges- Brown

Secret Treasure- Purple glitter

Shark’s Cove- Shimmery mint green

Shoe-a-Holic- Bubblegum pink

Sound the Alarm- Red

Southwest Sunset- Sparkly mauve

Sugar Rocks- Bright pink glitter

Sushi for Two- Coral-pink

Tokyo Nights- Navy

Umbrella Drink- Sparkly orange-pink

White Orchid- White

You-niverse- Gold mixed with green and blue

I'll post my bottle shot of Light It Up! below which was part of the holiday 2012 collection...SO glad it will be permanent, it is perfection! See more photos of Light It Up & Under Mistletoe here along with swatches & color explanations!



What do you guys them? I'm totally dying over so many of these shades! I think by the descriptions the shades that most stand out are Sugar Rocks, Umbrella Drink, You-niverse, & Holla-peno! I can't wait until I start seeing more ore these shades!

DermOrganic Hair Products Review!

When it comes to hair care, very few products provide the moisture I need during winter without weighing down my thick hair like crazy. My hair looks much better day 2-3 but by then it needs lots of additional moisture....which pretty much defeats the purpose of not washing it. Conundrum.

DermOrganic is made with Argan oil, vegan, doesn't test on animals, sulfate & gluten free,  & contains no parabens or dyes. Impressive! With moisturizing ingredients, natural science, & tons of beauty lovers backing up their claims is it any wonder I was excited to test it out?

Friday, February 1, 2013

La Bella Box January 2013- A New Subscription!

I love trying new subscriptions! La Bella Box arrived while I was away & I'm so excited to show you what was inside! I'd describe this box as being a more useable wellness box because although it contains some beauty items it also had home items I'll actually use!
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